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Soulja Boy Appears In ‘Bachelorette’ Hip-Hop Video

Soulja Boy Appears In ‘Bachelorette’ Hip-Hop Video

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By Andie Lowenstein

The title for most awkward possible pairing in a music video has officially been claimed. A video for the upcoming “Bachelorette” season leaked, featuring Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock and… Soulja Boy.

Episode two featured a group date to make a hip-hop music video in which the bachelors and Desiree wrote a rap song called “Right Reasons.” This cringe worthy video is far from right, it’s so wrong. Desiree kicks off the song rapping, “Dating all these guys really ain’t easy. I’m looking for a husband not abs and a cheesy…smile.”

The song mocks some contestants from seasons past who weren’t on the show for the “right reasons.” Some of those lines include: “Last time you saw me, I was cryin’ in a limo/ Sean sent me home and left my heart in limbo.”

“My manager sent me to promote my single. Sing to ya girl, helps me sell my jingle.”

“You love me the most, some may be queasy. But one thing’s for sure, love don’t come easy.”

“I’m just a single dad, make you think it’s all fine. I propose one day, the next day I change my mind. I cry so much, it’ll make you sick. Oh wait, that’s Jason Mesnick.”

Host Chris Harrison even gets in on the video, rapping his own tag line, “And so that’s our story, that’s how it goes. But who will get the final rose?” Well done Soulja Boy, adding another all time low to the list. Some advice for Desiree: let the hip-hop career dream remain a onetime thing.

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