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Song Premiere: WALLA, ‘Crazy World’

Song Premiere: WALLA, ‘Crazy World’

Listen to Walla's "Crazy World."

WALLA make synthy, romantic promises on “Crazy World.”

Los Angeles synth-pop outfit WALLA have only a short time left together. No, we’re not being dramatic: Each member is actually from a different part of the world — Italy, Indonesia, Brazil, Korea, and Mexico/El Salvador. And to make things even trickier, three WALLA members are in the U.S. on student visas, which as you know, tend to run out. (Just watch the ill-fated transcontinental love movie “Like Crazy.” Or, on second thought, don’t watch it. Not if you want to drown in used tissues.)

But don’t cry for them, Argentina — student visas won’t stop WALLA from prepping their second EP in seven months, Nature, or from releasing a brand-new single: “Crazy World.”

Listen to WALLA’s “Crazy World” after the jump.

Set to an uptempo, synthy beat, “Crazy World” is a powerful declaration of love — no matter what. Singing in high-pitched falsetto, the guys proclaim, “Every little thing that you wanted babe/ And every little thing that you wanted girl/ I can do it for you, in this crazy world.”

And don’t think that WALLA’s musical prowess is limited to a smattering of indie-pop comparisons (Passion Pit, Johnny Stimson) — somehow the international four-piece has managed to channel Billy Joel‘s “We Didn’t Start The Fire” with similar rhythmic chants: “Social status, apparatus, paradox, and Veritas.” Kinda sounds like “Joseph Stalin, Malenkov, Nasser, and Prokofiev,” amiright? Well, minus the political name-drops. Other than that, we are ON TO YOUR BILLY JOEL SHOUT-OUT, WALLA!

Look out for WALLA’s Nature EP, out July 9.

+ Listen to WALLA’s “Crazy World.”

Photo credit: Rajat Ghosh

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