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Song Premiere: Middle Class Rut, ‘No More’

Song Premiere: Middle Class Rut, ‘No More’

Listen to Middle Class Rut's "No More."

Middle Class Rut are back and bringing the rock on their new track, “No More.”

Middle Class Rut‘s “No More” opens with the heaviness we’ve come to expect from the Sacramento hard rockers, diving right in with levee-breaking drums and electric guitars the size of the Hoover Dam. All that pressure explodes in the lyrics: “You took this love and you tore it apart!” guitarist Zack Lopez bellows. It sounds like a bad romance, but dude’s shutting that down: “No more,” he repeats to close out the chorus. Way to respect yourself, fellas. With its throat-shredding vocals and full-on rock assault, the song sounds like Perry Ferrall jamming with Soundgarden — not bad for a two-man crew.

Listen to Middle Class Rut’s “No More” after the jump.

“No More” is the follow-up to track “Aunt Betty,” a March single that churns like butter. The band’s new album, Pick Up Your Head, arrives June 25 on Bright Antenna Records. It’s the 2011 Artist to Watch’s sequel to their 2010 debut, No Name No Color. They’ll promote the new set with a tour that kicked off with an SXSW gig alongside the Stooges and Japandroids, they’ll appear on this year’s Uproar tour alongside Alice In Chains and Jane’s Addiction, and they’ve got their own headlining gigs in the U.S. and U.K. coming in May. Stock up on earplugs now.

+ Listen to Middle Class Rut’s “No More.”

Photo credit: Emily Ibarra

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