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Solange Knowles Staged A Peaceful Rally For Trayvon Martin (PHOTO)

Solange Knowles Staged A Peaceful Rally For Trayvon Martin (PHOTO)

Solange Knowles Attends A Rally For Trayvon Martin

Solange Knowles organized a peaceful protest to honor Trayvon Martin.

As we all come to terms with Saturday night’s shocking news that George Zimmerman was found not guilty for second-degree murder and manslaughter, many celebrities are rallying to protest the injustice surrounding Trayvon Martin’s senseless slaying in February 2012. While some celebrities have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts and send prayers and love to the Martin family, others are taking a more active approach. Solange Knowles, for example, staged a large rally yesterday outside of Brooklyn’s Borough Hall to express her outrage over Zimmerman’s acquittal.

In addition to posting a series of tweets regarding the verdict, Solange also held up a sign during the rally with famous words by famed human and civil rights activist Malcolm X: “I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it’s for or against.” And Solange isn’t the only outraged member of the Knowles family: Just a day earlier, while performing in Nashville, Solange’s sis, Beyoncé, asked the audience to pause for a moment of silence to honor Trayvon. Although nothing can undo this senseless, tragic act, it is extremely encouraging to see celebrities using their star power to honor Trayvon and his family.

Photo credit: WENN

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