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See the Flaming Lips’ Whimsical ‘Almost Home (Blisko Domu)’ Video


The Flaming Lips‘ new video for “Almost Home (Blisko Domu)” mixes a D.I.Y. science-fiction short-film with footage of the band performing their track. 

The ten-minute-clip comes packed with bright colors, flaming torches, wild outfits, face paint, a motorcycle chase and an abstruse plot involving lead singer Wayne Coyne’s efforts to save a character named the “King of Love” from a menacing, powerful woman who cackles with glee as she announced her plan to destroy him. After the death of the Love King, the Flaming Lips play “Almost Home (Blisko Domu)” in a cave-like room that pulses in vivid hues of purple and pink.

The song is more straightforward than its video: “Almost Home” is a plinking pop number with a downtempo, scratchy beat that evokes Nineties electronica. The lack of dynamic shifts in the track serves to emphasize a feeling of vague melancholy, as do lyrics like, “The insect crawls out on the leaf/ The leaf falls into the fire/ Burning up my fragile dream/ Of how the world is full of love.”

“Almost Home (Blisko Domu)” appeared earlier this year on the Flaming Lips’ 14th studio LP, Oczy Mlody. Speaking with Rolling Stone about the record, Coyne explained, “We wanted to get to a more pure [place]… Get rid of the rock band image, even to ourselves, and just let it be sounds.” 

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