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Rihanna’s ‘SLUTZ’ Shirt Is The Cherry On Her IDGAF Sundae (PHOTO)

Rihanna’s ‘SLUTZ’ Shirt Is The Cherry On Her IDGAF Sundae (PHOTO)

Rihanna wears a "Slutz" t-shirt.

Rihanna proudly wears a “SLUTZ” crop top in Manchester.

LOLs to the max if you thought Rihanna couldn’t get away with walking around in a “SLUTZ” shirt. Nope, instead her cheery face is totally saying, “HA! Clearly you don’t get the joke! I’m not talking about being sexually promiscuous! It’s a play on grammar. Like, “SLUTZ” instead of “UTZ! Like, the potato chip brand!” Seriously, who would have thought that Ri had a such a “taste” for syntax?? (PUNZ!)

The 2013 MTV Video Music Award nominee was snapped leaving her hotel in Manchester, where she opted to leave her diamond grill at home in favor of some blinged-out sunglasses (PUH-lease, you know them puppies aren’t cubic zirconium) and an amazing “SLUTZ” crop top. And it’s not enough that Ri was hanging around town in between live performances — obvs she HAD TO make an entrance with her buff abs AND take things to the next level with a brilliant punny T-shirt. (Also, um, does this remind anybody of Lindsay Bluth’s “Shemale” T-shirt from “Arrested Development”?? Anyone?!) There could be a million reasons why Rihanna opted for this top, but we’re guessing the main one was to remind the universe she will ALWAYS reign as the Queen of IDGAF…Z.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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