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Rihanna’s Denim Thong Makes Us Miss The Good Ol’ Days When She Was Just Naked (PHOTO)

Rihanna’s Denim Thong Makes Us Miss The Good Ol’ Days When She Was Just Naked (PHOTO)


Rihanna has a denim thong, and it’s INTENSE.

We’ll just start off by saying we’re wayyyy liberal up in here. So when Rihanna wanted to take an afternoon off to pose like Marilyn Monroe, we were all like, “NO PROBLEM!” When she wanted to grab her crotch? We said, “Enjoy!” When she decided to grind all up on her best friend like a lap dancer? We were fully supportive! When she revealed her preshow naked couch routine? We said, “MAZEL TOV!” When she wanted to pose naked in front of a fireplace wearing only a headdress, we were all like, “Do you, bb!” But today Rihanna wanted to do something that even WE are having issues with — and it’s the fact that she owns/wore/managed to fit into a DENIM THONG. Yes, a thong made of denim. Jeans without the butt or legs included. Think about that for a second. There you go.

See Rihanna’s denim thong after the jump.

So, now that we’ve filled you in on Rihanna’s Denim Thong-Gate 2013 (which the “Stay” singer posted then deleted on Instagram), it’s time to analyze. First, in WHAT world is that comfortable? An ordinary thong made of cotton or lace? OK, FINE. But that, ummm, “region” of the body calls for exclusively soft materials, if you know what we mean. Second, that’s gotta be a custom item, right? And most important, how do they even size a denim thong? Extra-small butt size through 3XL butt size?

Now, don’t get us wrong: Despite her tragic clothing choice, Ri’s butt does look EN FUEGO. Like, 10,000-squats-and-lunges-a-day-caliber perfect. It’s just that we’d prefer to see Rihanna’s butt in a bikini! Even a nice form-fitting dress! And fine — EVEN NAKED. Go for it. But a denim thong? That’s just a no. Just NOPE. Too far — EVEN for Rihanna.

+ Check out Rihanna’s denim thong.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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