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Rihanna Swats Fan With Microphone At Concert

Rihanna Swats Fan With Microphone At Concert


By Rachel Samples

Rihanna’s UK tour has included back to back packed shows, adoring fans, and several concert delays, possibly due to late night partying. Her booming UK tour can now add “swatting” to its list. During a stop in Birmingham for a nearly sold out crowd, Rihanna swatted a fan that simply wouldn’t let go.

As she sang her upbeat hit, “We Found Love,” while walking past front row fans, one fan reached out to hold on to the singer. The footage shows a solid four second hold by the fan while Rihanna keeps the song rolling. Rihanna’s attempt to get back on stage was delayed by this extended grab and she reacted by aggressively swatting the fan off of her with her microphone.

She later reacted on Twitter saying, “That bitch wouldn’t let me go!” according to MTV UK. The tweet has since been deleted but the swat incident was captured on video by other members of the crowd.

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