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RiFF RAFF Says He’s Not ‘A Joke’ on NY’s Hot 97


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

RiFF RAFF is one of hip-hop’s most controversial new artists. The over-the-top personality has won hearts with his charisma, but he’s also been criticized for being a contrived caricature. Recently, RiFF RAFF addressed the critics and defended his style on NYC’s Hot 97 morning show.

“Now am I flamboyant? Am I over the top? Maybe…The sh-t I’m doing ain’t a joke,” RiFF RAFF told the crew of Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg’s show. Station Program Director and panel member Ebro Darden, who claimed he knew “nothing” about RiFF RAFF, compared him to 90’s white rapper Vanilla Ice. RiFF responded to the shot by stating that he was nothing like the “Ice Ice Baby” rapper.

“I can remember being a kid and watching Vanilla Ice and it made me smile…I love it. I love that,” he said. “I can remember seeing Vanilla Ice and then through time he stopped being Vanilla Ice…This ain’t about Vanilla Ice, this about me. And I’m that one. I do trap music. I do all that sh-t. I do whatever I feel like doing cause it’s in my brain. I don’t got nobody writing my lyrics and that’s why I freestyle.”

Earlier this year, RiFF RAFF got into it with actor James Franco for playing what appeared to be a parody of him in the movie, “Spring Breakers.”

“Where my lawyer at? James Franco bought the RiFF RAFF Halloween costume and he decided to glue it to his body,” RaFF said. “Man, it’s like people crazy and then people shooting and stuff and then, I pull up in the car, I mean James Franco pull up in the car, and then Gucci Mane—not in the movie enough—he pull up in the tangerine Lambo, but it’s supposed to be more Lambos cause I’m supposed to pull up beside him and then the movie ends and I don’t know what else happened cause I’m waiting for part two still.”

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