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Rick Ross, Jay-Z Took It To The ‘Next Level’ On ‘F—kwithmeyouknowigotit’

Rick Ross, Jay-Z Took It To The ‘Next Level’ On ‘F—kwithmeyouknowigotit’


By Maurice Bobb

By now, anyone that calls themselves a fan of hip-hop has heard Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail LP. And while many differ in their choice of favorite tracks off the album, an overwhelming majority love the Rick Ross-assisted “F—kwithmeyouknowigotit,” which features a litany of hip-hop quotables like “Reeboks on, I just do it ni—a” and “I don’t bop, I do the money dance.” Obviously feeling the love, Rozay released a video clip to speak on his involvement on the track.

“The record I’m on, featured with Jay, it’s just one of those records, one of those feelings, one of those vibes, that put you in such a feeling that…we was in the studio and we put a Pimp C intro in front of the record because it just gave you that all the black barbers in the sky that’s what the feeling was and we just knew off the rip it was a go,” Ross said. “And when I’m in the studio, if it don’t feel that way, you don’t even gotta worry about mentioning that section again.”

The way Ross slings bars on the Timbaland-produced banger shows him at his most lyrically dangerous, cooking up and spitting pathos-laden metaphors that weave in and out of the beat like a synchronized swimmer doing the breaststroke.

“But that was most definitely one of those special times to take it to that next level,” Ross said. “I try to keep it as simple as possible whenever I speak on anybody because certain things you leave to the imagination and me being in the studio this actual time I actually released a pic, I released a photo of myself Hov, Timbaland, you know a few other people who was in the studio with us and it’s most definitely one of those situations where Hov is recreating new rules for the hip hop game for the rap game.”

Although Samsung users experienced some complications with downloading MCHG when the project became available on July 4, the God Forgives, I Don’t MC, who has his own new album, Mastermind, in the works, loves the “new rules” Jay set with the release of his 12th studio album.

“I mean it’s exciting,” Ross said. “You know when I released the photo that I took with Chelsea Clinton, when I went to a Samsung event and when you see corporations like Samsung reaching back into hip-hop, I think it’s a sign that let us know for the next 20 years we gon’ make power moves, we gon’ get money. I’m most definitely working on my album Mastermind, I’m in the studio with some different producers who I’ve never worked with. It’s most definitely a different approach, it’s a boss approach and I’m a make sure that it exceeds expectations. Hashtag #newrules hashtag #newblacksoul. Most definitely Mastermind. And we just warming up, we gon be here a long time.”

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