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Rick Ross Continues To Bully TMZ Employees And Make Us Laugh


By Maurice Bobb

Is TMZ changing its name to MMZ? Could happen now that MMG Bawse Rick Ross is calling the shots for the tabloid network after hijacking yet another episode of the omnipresent gossip show founded by Harvey Levin, who, according to Rozay, is now known only as “Hervis.”

“Hervis, I’m standing out here in the middle of Manhattan with my employee, my Jewish employee and I wanted to make sure that you knew that Self Made (3) was out today and that you did everything you could to let your Jewish friends know that Self Made was out,” Ross said matter of factly, after demanding to speak to Hervis on the cameraman’s phone.

After plugging his latest compilation album, the Mastermind MC let it be known that he was offended by Hervis’ offer to have him substitute for him on “TMZ Live” while he was on vacation.

“Hervis don’t you ever disrespect me and ask me to substitute for you when you go on vacations,” Ross said, while demanding that the cameraman, who he dubbed “Clevis” for trying to be clever, to be quiet. “This the biggest Bawse in the business. What we do Hervis is we come over and we take over the show while you there, Hervis. The other substitutes are the substitutes.”

Satisfied with the way he flipped it on TMZ, again, Ross agreed to Hervis’ dinner request, but only if he and Clevis ate pork.

“He (Clevis) standing in the middle of a group of black men shakin’ and he’s Jewish,” Ross said. “I don’t see a star around his neck. Where’s your star? And his next barmitzvah I’ll be there. We got a lot of business to do Hervis. I’m gonna get your contact.”

After getting in his vehicle with his entourage to continue his promotion tour for SM3, Ross told Clevis about the Black Jew in his crew, laughing. Thankfully, as it was disclaimed at the beginning of the hilarious video, “no TMZ employees were harmed in the making of this #MMZ episode.”

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