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Richard Vission, Natalia Kills, Lana Del Rey + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

Richard Vission, Natalia Kills, Lana Del Rey + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It’s Tuesday! Time for another round of “5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week”!

This week’s roundup features a dark-pop diva’s magnificent anthem for the bruised and broken, an Aussie “X Factor” pop star’s fiery new club anthem, and a dreamy, nostalgic ode to a locked-up lover. Ah, romance!

This week's roundup features a sultry cut from a Child of Destiny that would make Prince blush, a stalker-friendly dance floor scorcher for a virtual reality electro-pop band and more!

1.) Richard Vission featuring Luciana, “Primitive”

It’s always a party when producer Richard Vission and Luciana team up — and their latest collaboration, “Primitive,” is no exception: After unleashing dance floor annihilators like 2009’s “I Like That” and last year’s “When It Feels This Good,” the twosome are back at it with one of their hardest club cuts yet. “I’m feeling primitive/ Drop kick, can you handle it?” Luciana announces above Vission’s pummeling club beat, weaving back and forth between catchy sing-a-long lines (“Dum-duh-dum-duh-dum!“) and cocky come-ons. The best part? When the beat suddenly drops out and Luciana launches into a twerk-happy rap a la M.I.A. above hi-hats (“Chop, chop / Let the kitty out the bag!”) before zooming right back into EDM land.


Listen to more Must-Hear Pop Songs after the jump.

2.) Natalia Kills, “Saturday Night”

After teasing out gritty, cold-blooded tracks like “Controversy” and “Problem,” Cherrytree’s dark-pop diva Natalia Kills is on a mission to shake up her sound: “Saturday Night,” her latest single, sees the songstress exchanging the radio friendly electro-pop of her debut record and exploring bold new sound. Set atop a striding drum beat, Natalia opens up about her youth and raises a fist up high for the broken and battered, marching into the night while recalling the arena-sized rock anthems of fun. and the somber storytelling of Lana Del Rey. The revelations might be raw, but the results are rich — it’s perhaps Kills’ greatest song to date.


3.) Samantha Jade, “Firestarter”

It’s really no surprise that Aussie “X Factor” winner Samantha Jade‘s new single is such a smash: Not only was she penning tracks recorded by the likes of JoJo and Ashley Tisdale, but her first post-“X Factor” single, “What You’ve Done To Me,” skyrocketed to No. 1 upon its release last year. Six months later, and the gorgeous songstress is back with “Firestarter,” a surging club-pop anthem. Armed with an almighty pulse that recalls David Guetta‘s “Night Of Your Life” with Jennifer Hudson and metaphorically flammable lyrics aplenty (“It’s gonna burn when you touch me!”), Jade’s latest is a no-brainer of a hit — light it up and let it burn down the floor.


4.) Lana Del Rey, “TV In Black & White”

Well, he’s finally gone too far: Lana Del Rey‘s bad baby by her heavenly side ain’t by her side anymore — he’s been locked up! And on “TV In Black & White,” a brand-new leak from Lana’s seemingly endless stash of Born To Die demos, she’s singing him a little love ditty to remind him of his Coney Island Queen. “If you get lonely, think of me only/ Prison isn’t going to keep me from you,” she sweetly assures her sweetie above a tripping hip-hop beat and summery guitar strum. Who else could make a metaphor centering around a black-and-white TV so captivating and beautiful? Only Queen Lana.


5.) Duke Dumont featuring MNEK, “Hold On”

British DJ Duke Dumont topped the U.K. charts back in April with his early ’90s R&B-inspired garage tune (which we LOVED), “Need U (100%),” featuring the vocal stylings of up-and-comer A*M*E. He’s back now with the song’s cowriter, singer-songwriter/producer/wunderkind MNEK, on an emotional new go at the dance floor: “Hold On.” The track stretches MNEK’s capable crooning and soulful falsetto across deep disco vibrations. “I can’t be your hero/ I can’t be your savior,” he sadly coos. Teardrops and smoke machines galore.


Bradley Stern is a writer from New York. In his spare time, he enjoys organizing his Britney Spears CD collection in reverse chronological order and writing impassioned letters to Congress urging that Madonnalogy be taught in all public schools. But most of all, he spends his time tweeting and musing daily about pop music on his blog, MuuMuse.

Photo credit: Getty Images/Richard Vission/Samantha Jade

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