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Review: Shura’s ‘Nothing’s Real’ Is a Downer Glam Gem


The debut album from twenty-five-year-old British alt-pop diarist Shura is a tangle of glam and glum. Born in the Nineties and in love with the bubble beats and synth clouds of the Eighties, she builds her music as a glossy shell around detailed dissections of missed connections. "What's It Gonna Be?" throbs with something close to joy but imagines a love hundreds of miles away letting her down; "2Shy" is a lonely walk home sucking on an unlit cigarette, obsessing about unspoken desire; "Indecision" nods to Madonna's "Borderline" and confesses an attachment that lingers past its sell-by date. Her videos make clear the subjects of these songs are often women, but on record her work is open-ended – a map to a treasure that's just never there.


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