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Randy Houser Reveals New Album ‘Fired Up’: The Ram Report


Randy Houser has announced the title, track list and release date of his new album. Fired Up, featuring a whopping 17 songs, including current single “We Went,” will hit stores on March 11th.

Produced by Derek George, like Houser’s 2013 breakout album How Country Feels, Fired Up captures what the Mississippi native does best: huge-voiced heartbreak ballads and roadhouse rockers. Among the highlights are the boozy twanger “Little Bit Older,” the passing-of-time lament “One Way” (co-written by Chris Stapleton and Lee Miller) and a tongue-twister titled “Whiskeysippi River.”

But it’s the lead-off track “Back” and the bait-and-switch ballad “Hot Beer and Cold Women” that elevate the album. The former is full of cautious hope, with Houser taking stock of his life, while the latter, written by Travis Meadows and the Warren Brothers, stings with regret and pulls a bait and switch with its seemingly party-hearty title.

Fired Up will be released on Stoney Creek Records.

Here’s the full tracklist for Fired Up:

1. “Back”
2. “We Went”
3. “Chasing Down a Good Time”
4. “Senior Year”
5. “Mine Tonight”
6. “Lucky Me”
7. “Song Number 7″
8. “Before Midnight”
9. “True”
10. “Yesterday’s Whiskey”
11. “Fired Up”
12. “Little Bit Older”
13. “Gotta Get You Home”
14. “Hot Beer and Cold Women”
15. “Same Old Saturday Night”
16. “One Way”
17. “Whiskeysippi River”

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