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It’s been a busy week on the fashion circuit, with galas, store openings, and designer dinners. Last night it was the Young Friends of ACRIA’s turn to get its party on. The soiree, hosted in the cavernous hall of the Highline Stages, has always been “the fun young peoples’ event,” explained event chair Jason Wu from his seat between Adriana Lima and Jaime King. But it’s also something more. “You really stop to think: What does it mean to do something for somebody else?” Wu noted. “This is where the conversation starts.”

Since getting involved with the HIV and AIDS research and care nonprofit (“The first event I did with them was on a rooftop where we didn’t have any heat: We only served cold foods and I thought it was a chic thing!” remembered Wu), the designer has taken his commitment to the next level. He curated this year’s fashion photography auction, which kept guests sneaking out of the dinner to bid on images by Steven Meisel, Herb Ritts, and more. “I’m on my fourth glass of wine and I’m still running in and out to kind of bid on the Rick Owens, so we’ll see!” Bryan Grey Yambao told from his seat at the central table. “Maybe I’ll get something—but it’s so hard to compete! For example, Jaime King—Jaime is, like, really on it. She keeps on going out…”

“The people who are sitting here, they’re going to be the next influences in the world,” mused Wu as the auction came to a close. “And I feel very honored to be able to get everybody together. And on a selfish level, it is a fun party! You know? Who doesn’t love that.”

—Ashley Simpson

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