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ProbCause And Chance The Rapper Trip Out In ‘LSD’ Video


By Nakiya Morgan

After dropping “LSD” last week, ProbCause and Chance The Rapper team up once again to bring their collaboration to life. Prob premiered the video for their stellar track today and the visuals are, um, pretty crazy.

Directed by Elijah Alavarado, the music video definitely gives viewers an “out of this world” type of feeling as you watch the rappers float around in space. You can also catch some of the lyrics being tossed around just in case you weren’t hip to their lyrical genius before.

This captivating video definitely opens up a whole new realm of creativity. It’s safe to say that the euphoric high you get after watching the visuals might even make you feel as if you were on LSD yourself. Check out the dope video above.

“LSD” is ProbCause’s new single from his 14-track mixtape, The Recipe Vol. 2. Download the entire mixtape here.

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