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Opening of Prince’s Paisley Park Museum Delayed


The opening of Prince's Paisley Park studio complex and home as a new museum has been pushed back after a rezoning request was tabled by the Chanhassen City Council, the Star Tribune reports.

The museum was expected to start offering public tours October 6th, though the council decided they needed more time to study the museum's effect on traffic, parking and public and pedestrian safety. Chanhassen is located outside Minneapolis and St. Paul, and council member Bethany Tjornhom said the small city needed time to decide whether it wanted to be a "tourist town" that drew 600,000 visitors a year.

Amidst the scuffle over the Paisley Park museum, investigators are still looking into Prince's fatal drug overdose in April. Specifically, investigators are focusing on whether doctors illegally prescribed the pop star opioids or whether the Fentanyl that killed him came from a black market source, according to the Associated Press.

Fentanyl can be more potent than heroin, and though it can be obtained by prescription as a legal painkiller, an official close to the investigation told the AP in August that Prince did not have any prescriptions for any controlled substances in Minnesota in the past year. Investigators have also uncovered other evidence that supports the theory that the Fentanyl came from an illegal source, including counterfeit drugs taken from Paisley Park that were marked as a generic version of Vicodin but contained Fentanyl. 

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