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One Direction’s Jones Beach Concert: Pouring Rain, Crying Fangirls, And 1D LIFE-SIZED CARDBOARD CUTOUTS! (PHOTOS)

One Direction’s Jones Beach Concert: Pouring Rain, Crying Fangirls, And 1D LIFE-SIZED CARDBOARD CUTOUTS! (PHOTOS)

I went to a One Direction concert and lived to tell the tale.

Buzzworthy’s Rachel and Jenna “hugging” One Direction…. Well, their cardboard cutouts, anyway. We’ll take what we can get.

I’ve always been what you might call an “indoor person.” I hated summer camp growing up (and being an East Coast Jewish kid, you’d better believe that I went every year without fail), the idea of voluntarily “roughing it” makes me feel nauseous, and if it’s raining outside, just forget it. Forget everything. Forget the plans we’ve made, because I am flaking out on that ish and running home to bury my face in blankets and old “Gossip Girl” episodes on Netflix. It would take a truly special experience to make me ignore bad weather and say stuff like, “Rain? Who cares? It’s all good.” And One Direction‘s June 28 outdoor concert at Jones Beach — which got straight-up rained on — was IT.

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First off, even if you didn’t make it to 1D’s show, you’ll probably already guess that Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam spent the entire time being the very picture of charming, where they did stuff like pinch each other’s cheeks, smack each other’s bums, and throw their arms around each other like total bro-lads (between singing songs like “One Thing,” “Live While We’re Young,” “Kiss You,” and an AMAZING cover of “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus). They may not have danced (save for a few “Robot” moves), but heck, they actually seemed to LIKE each other! And did they care that it literally started to pour the second they went onstage? NOPE. We didn’t have umbrellas, and neither did they. (All I’m saying is, “HARRY STYLES IN A WET T-SHIRT.”)


One Direction’s most devoted fan army!

Also, and perhaps most crucially, can we talk about the amount of screaming, crying fangirls? Unreal. Some even came dressed in coordinated 1D cheerleader outfits (see above photo), some sobbed uncontrollably when the guys sat down to sing a slowed-down rendition of “Little Things,” but most brought homemade signage to wave furiously at the boys in between songs. My favorite moment, though? Definitely hugging a five-guy, life-sized cardboard cutout of One Direction. Because that might be the closest I’ll ever get to ACTUALLY hugging them, but, hey, I’ll take what I can get. It’s not every day five very cute boy banders make me forget about my fear and loathing of stormy weather… Which I may or may not have bought a 1D sweatshirt to shield myself from. Which I probably would have bought anyway. #OneDirectionExcuses.



Stay tuned for more “It’s All Good” summer music moments with Fruttare.

Photo credit: Rachel Brodsky

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