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OMG Alert: Justin Timberlake Is Wearing A ‘Suit & Tie’ With Barack Obama

OMG Alert: Justin Timberlake Is Wearing A ‘Suit & Tie’ With Barack Obama

Justin Timberlake hangs out with Barack Obama in the White House.

Oh, just Justin Timberlake hanging out with Barack Obama. NBD. (EXCEPT THAT YES IT IS.)

Remember that time Justin Timberlake attended a dressy White House function and met President Barack Obama? (OK, I guess that kinda happened a few times.) OK then, remember that time Justin Timberlake wore a “Suit & Tie” WITH Barack Obama? There ya go! Yep, JT recently got all dressed up in his black-and-white finest to hang out with Obama in the White House’s Blue Room. And as if that wasn’t enough fantasy material for y’all, it looks like Queen Latifah is straight chilling in the background! Our only question? Where’s Beyoncé and Jay-Z?? Aren’t they supertight with the Obamas? (Oh, right. “The Mrs. Carter Show” world tour. Jobs ‘n’ stuff.)

Hanging out at what looks like a classy White House function, the official Barack Obama took to Twitter to post a photo of himself with the “Mirrors” singer and captioned: “Suits and ties. h/t @jtimberlake.” Now, as you would expect, we have approximately 1 BILLION questions for the POTUS and JT. First of all, what does “POTUS” stand for? (JK, JK.) Second, what exactly is Justin showing Obama in his phone? Are they exchanging digits? Perhaps a handy “Suit & Tie” matching/closet app? Like Cher had in “Clueless”? Maybe they’re taking the first of many presidential selfies? Doesn’t matter! We’re just glad this exists. And may we say, Barack, you are looking Timberlake-level FOINE in your “Suit & Tie.”

Photo credit: @BarackObama

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