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Old Tweets Come Back To Haunt Rappers



By Maurice Bobb

Rappers like Action Bronson, A$AP Rocky, Rockie Fresh, Schoolboy Q and Meek Mill all learned a very important lesson on Monday night: thanks to the permanency of the Internet, and that blasted Twitter advanced archive search tool, their old slanderous tweets about other rappers can come back to haunt them. And they did, big time.

SargeWP went back into the hip-hop Twitter time machine and retweeted damning tweets from some of raps biggest acts before they hit the big time to reveal how they really feel or at least how they felt at the time about their peers and in some cases, members of their own crew. In the case of Meek Mill, he praised Rick Ross’ arch nemesis 50 Cent when they were hashing it out on the ‘Net and more damning, asking now enemy Cassidy to attend his birthday party.


 surprisingly, the funniest tweets came from Schoolboy Q, who, like a host of other rappers, didn’t care for Wale’s music.

Q:which 3 newly signed rappers are just straight gar… A:only person thts comes to mind is wale. Of course, the court system isn’t the only place where one can attempt to plea bargain.



A host of rappers, flummoxed that they’d been outed as one-time “haters,” opted to cop a plea Tuesday, citing that they were just jealous, like Bronson. “I don’t understand y anyone would think I’m upset. I woke up, I’m happy. I think all this is funny. Dude got TOOTSIE mothafuckas scrambling,” he wrote. “It was jealousy that made me talk shit about Rocky and Drake. I want all the girls. I wanna be able to wear outfits.”


Or, in the case of Oxymoron MC, that things done changed a lot since then.

Tyler, the Creator wasn’t having that, though. The Wolf MC, who chalked up his past tweets as being “reckless as f–k,” told the Black Hippy rapper to stick to his guns. @ScHoolBoyQ Q DONT BE SORRY N— YOU DO DA DAMN THANG HAHA.”

Always honest, Q agreed with the Odd Future frontman. Now dat I look at my tweets I do look like a lil bitcH lol, tHen @fucktyler gay ass put me out tHere smH. Rapper will need plenty of Pine Sol and disinfectant if they plan on cleaning up the mess their slanderous tweets made in these Twitter streets, but at the very least, it shows that competition is still very much alive in the rap game.

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