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Of COURSE Avril Lavigne And Chad Kroeger Wore All-Black Everything To Their Wedding! (PHOTO)

Of COURSE Avril Lavigne And Chad Kroeger Wore All-Black Everything To Their Wedding! (PHOTO)

Of course Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger wore all-black everything to their wedding!

Chavril wears all-black everything everywhere. So why not at their very own wedding??

In this crazy, messed up world we live in, it’s really nice to know that we can always count on Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger for continuity. Seriously! You wouldn’t believe the amount of sleep we lose over pop star hookups, breakups, shirtless Instagram selfies, etc. But not #Chavril. Nope, it’s all romance ALL THE TIME (sometimes in the form of gigantic, Titantic-sinking engagement rings), and, because they’re professional rock stars, all black all the time! So it makes perfect sense that Avril and Chad would not only rock all-black-everything to their OWN WEDDING, but that Avril’s dress would be the most glorious goth lace thing we’ve seen since Winona Ryder’s entire “Beetlejuice” wardrobe.

Snapped at their wedding ceremony — held last week at a┬ámedieval French chateau (duh) — Avril and the Nickelback frontman finally said their vows in a moderately over-the-top goth-inspired ceremony. Black might be an unusual wedding color, but, really, would you expect anything less from these guys?? Avril’s gown looks like something straight out of “Black Swan”! (Minus the self-induced stabbing and eventual death. #SpoilerAlert) Are we sure their wedding planner wasn’t Tim Burton? Or Dracula? Or Satan? But whatever, who says a wedding dress has to be white? To hell with bridal conformity! Because if anyone can get away with all-black everything at their own wedding, it’s Chavril.

Photo credit: X17

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