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Nine Inch Nails Prep Limited-Edition ‘Hesitation Marks’ Art Book


Nine Inch Nails and British artist Russell Mills will release a limited-edition book, Cargo in the Blood, featuring the latter’s artwork for the band’s 2013 comeback record, Hesitation Marks.

Cargo in the Blood is priced at $300 and sales are set to begin December 16th at 10 a.m. PT via the Nine Inch Nails website. Only 2,000 copies of the 320-page book will be printed, and each will come with an original painting by Mills, a massive undertaking chronicled in a new short documentary

As the film shows, Mills and longtime collaborator Mike Fearon set up shop in a Los Angeles warehouse and spent three weeks painting massive canvases that were then cut down into 2,000 individual pieces. Even the frames for each piece will be different, with Mills and Fearon fashioning them out of COR-TEN steel and spraying them with a demister to create a unique patina of rust.

In the short, Mills also delves into his work for Hesitation Marks, and explains how his interest in forensic science informed the pieces he made and inspired the album’s title. Mills ultimately created 30 pieces for Hesitation Marks, with different pieces appearing on various versions of the album; the painting entitled Cargo in the Blood ultimately appeared on the cover of the deluxe CD.

Mills previously crafted the art for Nine Inch Nails’ 1994 record The Downward Spiral, as well as all of its associated singles, compilations and promo materials. He’s also crafted album art for Brian Eno, David Sylvian and Peter Gabriel.

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