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Nicki Minaj Shows Up Late To ‘American Idol’ Then Dishes About Waffles

Nicki Minaj Shows Up Late To ‘American Idol’ Then Dishes About Waffles

By Carolyn Amurao

When you’re Nicki Minaj and you show up late to work, pretty much everyone is going to notice. On last night’s “American Idol” episode, the judge was absent from her seat when the live taping of the top 10 contestants began.

“We are coming to you live and on time from Hollywood,” announced Ryan Seacrest, who also wasted no time in pointing out the missing Minaj. “Three of your four judges who have made it here tonight. Say hi to Keith Urban, Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey.” Ryan then went to sit in Nicki’s seat between Keith and Randy, explaining that, “she’s seven minutes out and there’s some congestion on the 405, so she should be here momentarily.”

“I thought it was the 101,” Randy joked.

Last night the top 10 contestants paid tribute to previous “Idol” winners by singing songs the winners had performed during or post their time on the show. First to hit the stage was Curtis Finch Jr. who sang “I Believe” by Fantasia Barrino (winner of Season 3), at which time Queen Barbz was still nowhere to be seen. And while we don’t know the exact reason why she was late, we know that whatever troubles she was having also prevented her from getting glammed up like she usually does. Wearing a black zip-up sweatshirt with the hood up (a far cry from her typically pretty, embellished outfits) and oversized sunglasses, Minaj filled her spot on the judging panel in time for the night’s second performance by Janelle Arthur.

Later in the show, Minaj continued to stir things up with yet another one of her ridiculous comments. After Kree Harrison’s performance (a contestant whom Nicki has called her “wife”) she said: “Sometimes when I wake up everyday…if I’m not working I’ll eat waffles, like, buttermilk waffles, and then I’ll have to have Aunt Jemima buttermilk syrup on it. I’ll toast it—but then I never burn it—I’ll put in the microwave and then warm it up a little bit, and that’s what that performance felt like to me.”

Um, what? She explains further: “It was smooth, it was delicious, it was just fun. I would enjoy it if I was by myself at home watching TV, just in front of the couch eating waffles.”

In response to her nonsensical critique, Ryan insinuated that maybe there’s something besides waffles that’s making her talk crazy. “What’s in the cup? Was there anything in the cup, Keith?” he asked. “I thought you checked.” Ryan also suggested heading to Nicki’s for breakfast. Count us in.

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