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Nicki Minaj Leaves ‘American Idol’: A Look Back At Her Best Moments

Nicki Minaj Leaves ‘American Idol’: A Look Back At Her Best Moments

Fox's "American Idol 2013" Finale - Results Show - Show

This week Nicki Minaj officially said goodbye to her judging gig on “American Idol,” (as did Mariah Carey) but at least the YMCMB rapper can look back on the season with fond memories. Some of Nicki’s best moments found her doting on contestants with oddball nicknames, almost storming off set in protest, calling Mariah Carey “sir” and even offering her a Q-Tip onstage.

Those Crazy Nicknames
Though some people criticized Nicki for her decision to accept the “Idol” judging gig, it was clear from the start that she was the most entertaining figure on the panel. Every week she blessed contestants with stranger and stranger nicknames (see: “Gumby,” “Finger Licking Good” and “Ladybug”) which spawned the trending hashtag #NickiNickNames for a bit.

Showing Up Late, Then Dishing About Waffles
Showing up late to work is never a good look, but if you’re Nicki and traffic gets you stuck running behind–when you do show up, just talk about waffles a lot. “Sometimes when I wake up everyday…if I’m not working I’ll eat waffles, like, buttermilk waffles, and then I’ll have to have Aunt Jemima buttermilk syrup on it. I’ll toast it—but then I never burn it—I’ll put in the microwave and then warm it up a little bit, and that’s what that performance felt like to me.”

Almost Walking Off Set In Protest
Sometimes, no one understands you, and in that case threatening to leave if one of your favorite contestants gets voted off is the way to go.

Telling Mariah Carey To ‘Simmer Down, Sir.”
Mariah and Nicki continued to bicker for almost the entirety of the season, and in one of our favorite moments the YMCMB rapper tries to get the singer to take a down a notch by asking her to “simmer down, sir.”

Offering Mariah Carey A Q-tip
“Simmer down, sir” didn’t get through to Mariah Carey clearly enough, so next Nicki offered her a Q-tip to “clean them ears out.”

Bringing Drake to “American Idol”
“Idol” contestant Candice Glover was open and honest about her love for Drake, even covering one of his songs on the show, so Nicki did her a solid by asking the Toronto rapper to show up for a quick cameo, which sent her through the roof.

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