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Nicki Minaj Almost Walks Off ‘American Idol’ Set In Protest

Nicki Minaj Almost Walks Off ‘American Idol’ Set In Protest

Nicki Minaj Performs At The 02 Arena

By Carolyn Amurao

On “American Idol” last night (March 14), Nicki Minaj nearly walked off the set after hearing that Curtis Finch Jr. scored the lowest number of votes. When the talented Finch found himself in the bottom two along with Devin Velez, Minaj (who arrived on time to the taping) was upset. “Curtis, I mean, if you go home, I’m going home,” the judge said.

The 24-year-old’s performance of “I Believe” on Wednesday (March 13), which Nicki missed because she was apparently caught in traffic, cast him at the bottom of the top 10. But even though she didn’t see him perform live, Nicki was behind Finch all the way. News that Finch would have to sing for survival tipped her over the edge. The neon-clad judge (who was back to her flashy fashionable ways after Wednesday’s unusually plain outfit) got up out of her seat in disapproval and dramatically walked away. She only got a few steps in before returning to the panel.

The judges chose not to “save” Finch even though his heartfelt performance of R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” had the top 9 tearing up and cheering on the sidelines. It wasn’t a unanimous vote however; Queen Barbz was fighting for Finch.

“I think we really needed an extra minute to discuss it, I don’t feel like there was a real discussion about it but I know that it’s a live show,” she said. “I know it’s a live show, but…”

It’s possible that if Minaj had shown up in time to watch and critique Finch’s performance on Wednesday, she could have swayed America in Finch’s favor. Good news for the judge is that one of her favorite contestants, Charlie Askew, returned to “Idol” last night after being eliminated the week prior. The awkward yet appealing Askew sang an original song, “Sky Blue Diamond,” in hopes of earning a spot on the American Idols Live! summer tour.

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