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Nick Cannon’s Favorite ‘Wild ‘N Out’ Episode: ‘Katt Williams Returns’

Nick Cannon’s Favorite ‘Wild ‘N Out’ Episode: ‘Katt Williams Returns’

Nick Cannon is bringing “Wild ‘N Out” back to MTV 2 on July 9, for what he calls a “grimy” new season in New York. But with 4 seasons of the show already under his belt, we were wondering what Cannon’s favorite episode has been so far. And, obviously Katt Williams had to be involved.

“The last show on season 4, we let Katt Williams be a team captain,” Cannon said. “He’d already blown up and wasn’t really a part of season 4 because he was out there killing it in the stand up world, but he came back as a team captain and it was just monstrous.”

Cannon told MTV News that while he was skeptical about bringing the show back, he couldn’t resist. “I didn’t want to mess up a good thing because we went out on top, but everybody just kept asking for it,” he explained. “Plus a lot of people blew up off of this show, so now I’m giving everybody the opportunity to come back and have fun. It’s really like the hip-hop version of the roast shows, so we’re bringing the biggest names in hip-hop and comedy to come have a good time.”

Expect a similar setup — with the Black versus Platinum teams this season — but a more raw show. “The format is basically the same except that we’re a lot grimier because we went from Hollywood to New York,” Cannon said. “In 2012, they said the world was gonna end and it didn’t, so this is the post-apocalyptic version! We took all of the bells and whistles, lights and colors away and we’re just gonna get grimy, like we’re in a dungeon doing this.”

“That’s kinda where hip-hop is right now,” he added. “It’s stripped down, that bling era is over, so it’s interesting to see how that plays into ‘Wild ‘N Out.’ “

A brand-new season of “Wild ‘N Out” premieres on MTV2 on Tuesday, July 9 at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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