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New Video: Y LUV, ‘All I Wanna Do’

New Video: Y LUV, ‘All I Wanna Do’

Watch Y Luv's "All I Wanna Do" video.

Y Luv drive down memory lane in their “All I Wanna Do” video.

Los Angeles synth-pop outfit Y Luv don’t seem like they have much to be stressed about. West Coast origins notwithstanding, just look at their 2011 EP, How Chill Can You Let Go and 2012’s It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense — do those titles sound even remotely anxious to you? Nope. Now out with another stress-free-sounding EP, Keep It Rollin, Freddy Janney, Evan Newman, Sam Nardella, and Luke Hanna have just released a warm weather-appropriate video titled “All I Wanna Do,” which features plenty of bright sun, road trips, and pretty ladies. Happy summer!

Watch Y Luv’s “All I Wanna Do” video after the jump.

Speaking of no stress, “All I Wanna Do” opens in Joshua Tree National Park with lead singer Freddy Janney driving through a desert. Actually, wait, we take back what we said — dude’s almost out of gas! Without an ExxonMobil in sight!! Hey, not to worry. If Freddy DOES stall in the desert, at least he’ll have memories of his beautiful ex-girlfriend (actress and singer Kelley Jakle) to keep him company. Wait, wait. Nothing about this sounds good at all! Except that his bandmates have magically materialized to jam out / party in the desert with him. Whew! Unless this is all just a hot-weather mirage. In which case, godspeed to you, Freddy.

+ Watch Y Luv’s “All I Wanna Do” video.

Photo credit: Y LUV

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