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New Video: Willow Smith’s Melodic Chaotic, ‘#SUMMERFLING’

New Video: Willow Smith’s Melodic Chaotic, ‘#SUMMERFLING’

Willow Smith debuts "#SUMMERFLING" with her duo, Melodic Chaotic

Meet Melodic Chaotic, Willow Smith’s new side project. 

Damn. Willow Smith isn’t even 13 YEARS OLD, and she’s already working on her second musical project??? Like, is that even real? Yeah, we know it’s a lot take in before lunchtime, but just remember that Willow DID once ask Nicki Minaj to make a cameo in her “Fireball” video and Nicki said YES. So, yep, this is one 12-year-old with more star power than, well, ANYONE. That said, please turn your attention to Melodic Chaotic — Willow’s new pop/R&B duo with D.J. “MVSIC” Fabrega — and their brand-new warm-weather banger, “#SUMMERFLING.”

Watch Melodic Chaotic’s “#SUMMERFLING” video after the jump.

In “#SUMMERFLING,” a blonde-haired Willow and her posse (including brothers Jaden and Trey Smith) do “summery” things like splash around in the pool, hang out by the bonfire, and roll around on the grass. And just as you think this is a typical “kids being happy they don’t have school in the summer” video, we meet Willow’s love interest, a sweet boy around her own age. They flirt, and Willow, who has mysteriously developed a British accent (?), narrates her thoughts along the way.

As night falls, Willow, her new crush, and all their friends light firecrackers and basically live out all of our summer fantasies, including, but not limited to: a summer romance, a casual pool party, and high-waisted bikinis. Only everyone is basically 12 years old. All jealously aside, this is a cute video, Willow! Hope you and that dude work out… and that he sucks up to your dad. BIG TIME.

Be on the lookout for the duo’s four-song EP, dropping soon.

Watch Melodic Chaotic’s “#SUMMERFLING” video and cop a free download of the song.

Photo credit: Melodic Chaotic

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