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New Video: Union J, ‘Carry You’

New Video: Union J, ‘Carry You’

Watch Union J's "Carry You" video.

Warning: Union J MIGHT be the new One Direction. 

It’s totally not like us to miss something this big, but you know what? We’re only human(s). And we gotta pull a “late pass” card on British pop pros Union J!

If Union J look familiar to you (and we’re sure that they do — dudes have almost 1 million Twitter followers!), it might be because they placed fourth on last season’s “The X Factor U.K.,” and “Carry You,” their debut single and music video off their forthcoming debut album (out later this year), has been circling the pop scene for a full minute now. Honestly, HOW could we have missed this?! Usually our “British accent detector” goes “DING!!!” within 500 yards of a U.K. boy band, so we’re really not sure what happened.

Watch Union J’s “Carry You” video after the jump.

In “Carry You,” the boys spend all day prepping for a big gig by getting their hair done (a male version of a blowout!?!), skateboarding, record shopping, and generally engaging in some bro-ed out male bonding. Once nighttime falls, the boys take the stage to a packed crowd of Union J Stans who are all SUPER glad to be there and not, say, at The Wanted concert next door. (We made that last part up, but whatever — sometimes it amuses us to create fake boy band beefs. #TooMuchFreeTime.) So, yeah, if anyone out there is an Union J expert, please pipe up and tell us what we need to know! Besides, of course, how ridiculously cute and British they are — that part we’ve got on lock.

Watch Union J’s “Carry You” video.

Photo credit: Sony

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