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New Video: The Lonely Biscuits, ‘Casual Vibes’

New Video: The Lonely Biscuits, ‘Casual Vibes’

Watch The Lonely Biscuits' "Casual Vibes" video.

The Lonely biscuits chill around Nashville in their “Casual Vibes” video.

We suggest getting acquainted with The Lonely Biscuits (otherwise known as Grady Wenrich, John Paterini, Sam Gidley, and Nick Byrd), like, immediately. Or preferably yesterday, if possible. We’ve been into the Nashville-based bros for a minute now (TLB Stans for life!), but things got even more serious when the boys, who all met at Belmont University, FULLY snagged this year’s Chevrolet Sonic College Artist Woodie, and then performed at the actual 2013 mtvU Woodies Festival.

Now, the almost too-cool-for-school bros (we say “almost” because only fifty percent of the band has long hair) have dropped a brand-new video, aptly titled “Casual Vibes.” And it’s, well, casual! But it’s the kind of nonchalant that only truly relaxed people (i.e. not us!) could achieve. Like, Fourth-of-July-BBQ-scene-in-a-J. Crew-catalog casual. But with less khaki.

Watch The Lonely Biscuits’ “Casual Vibes” video after the jump.

Featuring a heady mix of beachy, chilled-out vocals and blazing hip-hop verses courtesy of resident rapper Grady Wenrich, the Dylan Adams-directed “Casual Vibes” shows a young, pretty girl walking her dog around Nashville. As she strolls, she meets (and consequently flirts) with every Lonely Biscuit member. Once back at home, she sits down to turn on the TV, and LOOK! All of the dudes she flirted with are performing a snippet of their forthcoming video! Yeah, shoulda picked one biscuit and flirted harder, bb! These bros are on a fame trajectory, and, well, who doesn’t wanna date a famous musician? Exactly.

Watch The Lonely Biscuits’ “Casual Vibes” video, check out their “Make Ya Music” performance at the 2013 mtvU Woodies Festival, and make sure to cop a free download of “Casual Vibes.”

Photo credit: The Lonely Biscuits

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