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New Video: Taylor Swift, ’22′

New Video: Taylor Swift, ’22′

Watch Taylor Swift's "22" video.

Taylor Swift takes a break from boys in her latest video for “22.”

It’s a VERY good day to be a Swiftie. For one thing, Taylor Swift kicks off her “Red” tour tonight AND has just released a brand-new video for her young-at-heart track “22” (the fourth single on Red). That’s right, after hosting a furries-only dance party in her ex-bashing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” clip, meet-cute-ing hot Parisian men in “Begin Again,” and literally lying on the cold, hard ground in “I Knew You Were Trouble.,” Taylor Swift has returned for another dance party in “22.” And yes, her “hipster” glasses are back, but absolutely no haters are allowed.

Watch Taylor Swift’s “22” video after the jump.

Wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and a t-shirt emblazoned with “Not A Lot Going On At The Moment,” Taylor’s in full kick-back mode on “22,” a breezy video featuring the lanky pop singer just “Living Like We’re Gonna Die Young,” “talking about our exes,” and chilling with her real-life friends (!) at the beach. (Side note: Man, that chick knows how to plan a good friend date.) Though she’s now a WHOLE year older (23), Taylor’s got “22” on lock: she’s dancing/swimming/sunbathing with her best buds, baking cupcakes, hitting up the clurrrb, and flirting with all the boyz. Unlike her previous (ex)boyfriend-themed tracks, however, this one’s relatively testosterone-free — instead “22” focuses entirely on female friendship and all the gossip, uncertainty, confusion, trampoline jumping, and hipster-bashing pool parties that come with it.

+ Watch Taylor Swift’s “22” video.

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