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New Video: Spose, ‘All Rs’

New Video: Spose, ‘All Rs’

Watch Spose's "All Rs" video.

Spose creates an “R”-themed scavenger hunt in his “All Rs” video.

Our obsession with Maine-based rapper Spose runs DEEP. And no, it’s not just because we spent seven formative summers at sleepaway camp in The Pine Tree State. It’s because Spose spits slick rhymes, scored a massive hit in 2010 with his song “I’m Awesome,” and saw success with his equally cheeky “Pop Song.” Now, Spose is back with yet another perfectly gimmicky (in a good way) new video, “All Rs,” off his forthcoming The Peter Sparker Mixtape, out June 10!

Watch Spose’s “All Rs” video after the jump.

In typical Spose fashion, the rapper’s “All Rs” clip is more than just a music video. Every lyric in the song begins with the letter R, and the video doubles as a scavenger hunt with 50 hidden items starting with “R” the background. So, as you’re watching the clip (which mainly shows Spose meandering through various friend-filled rooms in his apartment), you’re also supposed to keep a lookout for things like a rosemary plant, Rice Krispies, roller-blades, and our favorite movie candy: Raisinets. (You might also wanna keep a lookout for Ritz Crackers and ravioli.) So, going off this line of logic, since my last is Rubenstein (emphasis on R!!!!), does that mean that technically I belong in the video, too? Perhaps cooking Spose some ravioli while he watches Rambo??

Watch Spose’s “All Rs” video.

Photo credit: Universal Republic

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