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New Video: Smith Westerns, ‘Idol’

New Video: Smith Westerns, ‘Idol’

Watch the Smith Westerns get sensitive at a party in their "Idol" video.

Smith Westerns are going to sit this party out.

After the glammy goodness of Smith Westerns‘ last album, Dye It Blonde, the indie rock band’s gone dreamy on their third LP, Soft Will. And judging by the video for “Idol,” they’re sooo over partying. As revelers go nuts around them, the band gets kissed, spoon-fed cake, sprayed with confetti — pretty much everything short of Miley Cyrus and a teddy bear twerking up on them in “We Can’t Stop.” But nothing can get these dudes out of their chairs, and singer Cullen Omori spends the night getting sensitive over emphatic, glistening guitar chords.

Watch Smith Westerns’ “Idol” video after the jump.

The band’s wallflower vibes are fine by us: Staring down at your shoes and dealing with really important feelings and/or total awkwardness at a rager is pretty much our thing too. The sped-up video, filmed in VHS-style analog, takes us back to the days of “Can’t Hardly Wait”: It’s full of quirky characters dancing the night away, blowing up balloons, biking through the living room, and generally partying like it’s 1998. No Jennifer Love Hewitt though. (She could probably get the band’s attention!) Oh well, keep on dreaming, fellas.

Smith Westerns’ Soft Will is available now on Mom + Pop Records.

+ Watch Smith Westerns’ “Idol” video.

Photo credit: Mom + Pop

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