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New Video: Pink Featuring Lily Allen, ‘True Love’

New Video: Pink Featuring Lily Allen, ‘True Love’

Watch Pink's "True Love" video.

Pink reveals a softer side in her “True Love” video.

After more than a decade of watching her sing emotionally guarded, tough girl songs — “There You Go,” “Just Like A Pill,” “Try,” “Sober” — we’re not entirely used to seeing Pink look so, well, HAPPY. Even she seems moderately shocked by this shift in attitude in her “True Love” video, where instead of sneering bitterly into the camera, Pink’s over the moon about her adorable husband and daughter, both of whom show up for equally adorable cameos. If this is what true love looks like, we want IN.

Watch Pink’s “True Love” video featuring Lily Allen after the jump.

Opening with scenes of Pink hugging her husband, Carey Hart, and playing with her daughter, Willow, “True Love” — the latest single from The Truth About Love — is an endearing montage of mother-daughter moments, husband-wife moments, mom-dad-baby moments, and Pink-acrobating-onstage moments. As we get an idea of what it’s like for her to balance her home / work life, Pink serenades the audience with her philosophy on what “true love” feels like to her: “Sometimes I hate every single stupid word you say/ Sometimes I wanna slap you in your whole face/There’s no one quite like you/ You push all my buttons down/ I know life would suck without you.” Always the consummate romantic, that Pink.

And just as we’re about to explode with “Pink’s got the perfect family life” jealousy, British songbird and fellow wife and mother Lily Allen pops up for a quick verse, where she’s angrily chopping carrots and singing about how her significant other “rubs her the wrong way” but “without him, I’m complete.” Hey, no one ever said marriage was easy! It’s alllll about the big picture. (And, in this case, chopped carrots.)

+ Watch Pink’s “True Love” video featuring Lily Allen.

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