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New Video: Paramore, ‘Anklebiters’

New Video: Paramore, ‘Anklebiters’

Watch Paramore's "Anklebiters" video.

Paramore go back to the drawing board (literally) in their new “Anklebiters” video.

After watching Paramore‘s last two action-packed and live-action videos, “Still Into You” and “Now,” we’re frankly feeling a little “WHAA?” by the pop-punk trio’s animated new “Anklebiters” clip. Not “WHAA?” in a bad way, of course, but more “WHAA?” in the “I thought this is what lyric videos were for” way. (We generally chafe at missed opportunities to see Hayley Williams’ two-toned hair.) But then we thought about it some more and decided, what better way is there to film a video called “Anklebiters” than by drawing, well, ACTUAL ankle biters?

Watch Paramore’s “Anklebiters” video after the jump.

Track 10 from Paramore’s Now album, the Jordan Brune-directed “Aklebiters” is an animated joyride (of Tom Tom Club Genius Of Love” proportions) that not only embodies the song’s high-energy, guitar-pop-driven vibe, but it also features everything from little “Pac-Man”-looking circular dust-mite things to eagles wearing pillbox hats… And dancing disembodied hands. There’s also no storyline in particular, nor do Hayley, Jeremy Davis, or Taylor York show up, but the video game-esque “Anklebiters” IS like watching a colorful mashup of “Pac-Man” meets “Monty Python” cartoons meets every “WTF??” dream we’ve ever had, usually involving arcades and pinball machines.

Take a “bite” below, grab Paramore’s new Now album, and look out for the band this summer at Vans Warped Tour.

+ Watch Paramore’s “Anklebiters” video.

Photo credit: Fueled By Ramen

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