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New Video: Mister Loveless, ‘Curfew’

New Video: Mister Loveless, ‘Curfew’

Watch Mister Loveless' "Curfew" video.

Mister Loveless try to outrun time in their “Curfew” video.

When you’re really young (like, before college graduation), it feels like you’ve got nothing but time. You can stay out all night, go to sleep in the wee morning hours, and wake up refreshed like it’s NBD. No hangover, no swollen-shut eyelids, no work day. Time is definitely on your side. Then you get an IRL job, start adhering to somebody else’s schedule (i.e. your employer’s), and that no hangover thing? Definitely not the case anymore. Bay Area indie-rock outfit Mister Loveless might know how that feels in their brand-new video for “Curfew,” where a youngish twentysomething runs to escape an imposing hoard of… clocks. Literally.

Watch Mister Loveless’ “Curfew” video after the jump.

Directed by The Perez Brothers, and a cut from the band’s Grow Up album, “Curfew” features the band (slow) rocking out in black-and-white everything while an 18-to-24-looking guy wanders around what appears to be the darkened streets of San Francisco (notice that trolly?). As he walks, enjoys a slice of pizza, and takes in the city at night, a team of truly freaky guys with clocks for heads start trailing him, which eventually leads to a full-on chase. “Curse you, curfew,” indeed! Maybe we need to get Chris Martin from Coldplay to calm things down with a a nice rendition of “Clocks“? Either way, we need to wake up from this nightmare. …Or do we?

Check your watch below (safely, of course), come of age with Mister Loveless’ Grow Up album, and help support the band by downloading their band’s Noisetrade Sampler.

+ Watch Mister Loveless’ “Curfew” video.

Photo credit: Chelsea Keenan

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