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New Video: Mayer Hawthorne, ‘Her Favorite Song’

New Video: Mayer Hawthorne, ‘Her Favorite Song’

Watch Mayer Hawthorne's "Her Favorite Song" video.

Mayer Hawthorne’s new “Her Favorite Song” video is dog-gone perfect!

We get BEYOND when anything drops from the Mayer Hawthorne camp. Like, we’re instantly shot into a swoon-worthy trance the second a slick note slips from the guy’s lips. And that’s precisely why we’re feeling so gleeful after watching Mayer’s dapper new “Her Favorite Song” video (from his third studio album, Where Does This Door Go, arriving July 16). Because not only were we were distracted by Mayor’s sexy swagger, but we were “AWWWW”-ING OUR HEADS OFF OVER ALL THE ADORBZ DOGS!

Watch Mayer Hawthorne’s “Her Favorite Song” video after the jump!

mayer hawthorne 2

Yes, that’s a dog playing the guitar — what of it!?

Directed by Marc Klasfeld, “Her Favorite Song” kicks off with a close-up of Mayor smoothly singing into a retro microphone at a swanky club full of sexy women. But just when things are starting to look like your typical Friday night at da club, the camera pans out and you realize that Mayor’s band is a bunch of dogs! (No, not like, “Yo, dog, you want a shot of Patrón?” We mean ANIMAL CANINES.) Actually, the whole bar is filled with dogs doing human things — DJ-ing, drinking cocktails, bartending, womanizing, annnd even wearing better outfits than most human bros!

We know there’s gotta be some deep-rooted metaphor here (that all men are dogs?), but honestly we’re too busy hoping that someone opens a real-life club where where dogs mix the cocktails. (Sure, it would probably break, like, a gazillion health codes, but THE CUTENESS FACTOR ALONE!)

mayer hawthorne 4

Sorry, but this pooch got more game than all y’all.

mayor hawthorne 3

We like our cocktails shaken… and, um, not made from toilet water.

+Watch Mayer Hawthorne’s “Her Favorite Song” video.

Photo credit: Republic Records

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