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New Video: Jonas Brothers, ‘First Time’

New Video: Jonas Brothers, ‘First Time’

Watch the Jonas Brothers' "First Time" video.

The Jonas Brothers go HAM in Vegas in their “First Time” video.

Look, it’s not like we didn’t fully love the Jonas Brothers‘ first back-in-the-game single, “Pom Poms.” But that now that we’ve heard the boys’ dreamy new track, “First Time,” we’re positive that we like it so much better! Like, “Pom Poms” (and its accompanying high school-themed video) was great, but the boys’ “First Time” video — which has all three JoBros partying with Wilmer Valderrama in Las Vegas — is SPECIAL.

Watch the Jonas Brothers “First Time” video after the jump.

The second single off the bros’ forthcoming album, which will reportedly be called V,  the video for “First Time” kinda feels like it was shot by the bros themselves via iPhone. Like, think of the entire “Hangover” franchise, substitute Wilmer Valderrama in for Zach Galifianakis, then envision Nick, Joe, and Kevin attempting to document a weekend’s worth of wild nights in Vegas with only their camera phones (because you KNOW they opted for a 32 gig instead of a 16).

Now, while the video wasn’t actually shot on a handheld device, the shaky filming does make us feel like we’re right there with the bros, toasting with red solo cups (classy), hitting the casino, having a pool day (while not sweating, obviously), and just generally getting a little rowdy. It’s definitely a departure from the wholesome JoBros we’ve come to know and love, but we’re not complaining one bit! (Everyone’s gotta grow up some time…) Oh, and don’t think we didn’t spot that cameo from Kevin’s wife (and mom-to-be), Danielle Jonas, either. Because we DID and MAZELS ON YOUR UTERUS AND PERFECT LIFE, DANIELLE!

+ Watch Jonas Brothers’ “First Time” video.

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