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New Video: Janelle Monae, ‘Dance Apocalyptic’

New Video: Janelle Monae, ‘Dance Apocalyptic’

Watch Janelle Monae's "Dance Apocalyptic" video.

Janelle Monae does “Dance Apocalyptic” WITH HER HAIR DOWN!! WHOA. 

Truth be told, we’ve been DYING to know what the gorgeous Janelle Monáe looks like with her hair down ever since we first saw her in “Tightrope.” And don’t get us wrong — we love Janelle’s commitment to “character,” i.e. an androgynous lady suit and front-hawk, but damn! Janelle’s been in the game for years, and we haven’t seen her hair down ONCE! OR wear anything but a suit and tie! That is, of course, until now in her “Dance Apocalyptic” video, the first single off Janelle’s forthcoming Electric Lady disc, out Sept. 10.

Watch Janelle Monae’s “Dance Apocalyptic” video after the jump.

In typical Janelle form, there’s a story behind the video: “Dance Apocalyptic” is actually an excerpt from a larger short film named “The Dance Apocalyptic,” which is set in an alternate version of present-day America. And by “alternate version,” we mean a universe where people wear huge hats and birdcages on their heads.

In the Wendy Morgan-directed video, an all-white-clad Janelle takes the stage to perform her retro-tinged jam to a packed crowd. Janelle works the stage (we’d just about die to see her and Robyn engage in a dance-off), and just when you think this video is only a vehicle for us to watch Janelle dancing, there’s a news break, and Janelle is the anchor! She announces that plagues (locusts, hurricanes, etc.) are taking over the world, and that’s when ish starts to get weird. Next thing we know, the crowd goes wild, the band starts breaking their instruments, and a troupe of bikers drive in to gallantly take Janelle and her lady posse away to safety. It’s all confusing, awesome, and very Janelle. Plus, again, HAIR DOWN!

+ Watch Janelle Monae’s “Dance Apocalyptic” video.

Photo credit: Badboy/Wondaland

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