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New Video: Disclosure, ‘F For You’

New Video: Disclosure, ‘F For You’

Disclosure grab the mic in their new video for "F For You."

Disclosure grab the mic in their new “F For You” video.

U.K. garage duo Disclosure seem incapable of releasing a bad song, and the success of their debut LP, Settle, has more than proven the point. But they’ve also been on a pretty impressive tear of video releases as well, like their recent “When A Fire Starts to Burn” revivalist freak-out clip, and now their “F For You” video, which skips the imaginative narrative treatment pattern and inserts the brothers into the action themselves.

Watch Disclosure’s “F For You” video after the jump. 

The Ben Murray and Ross McDowell-directed video makes for a pretty good approximation of the live Disclosure experience, showcasing brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence’s set up at their synth, percussion, and vocals rigs, with hypnotic video projections of lights (and their own supersized visages) flickering overhead.

Unlike some of their recent tracks — “Latch,” “White Noise,” and “You & Me” — on “F For You” Howard takes the mic himself, showing he’s not afraid to get in the recording booth, rather than just behind it. “I’ve been infected with restless whispers and cheats/ They’re manifested/ Your words and the lies that you speak,” he repeats over a minimal hand-clap beat and understated bass effects.

Toward the end of the video, the stage curtains open, giving the illusion that the brothers are hurtling through space at an alarming rate, which is kinda metaphorical for how things are progressing with their group — these guys are blowing up at a mile a minute.

+ Watch Disclosure’s “F For You” video.

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