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New Video: Corey Feldman, ‘Ascension Millennium’

New Video: Corey Feldman, ‘Ascension Millennium’

Watch Corey Feldman's 'Ascension Millennium' video.

Corey Feldman channels Michael Jackson and “The Goonies” in his “Ascension Millennium” video.

It’s the “Goonies” reunion we’ve been waiting almost 30 years for! No, not Brandt and his bucket, we’re talking about Corey Feldman and Sean Astin, the latter of whom makes a cameo in this surprising music video for Feldman’s song “Ascension Millennium,” from Feldman’s upcoming as-of-yet-untitled album. Naturally, Astin hands him a treasure map, and it seems like Feldman’s gonna need one to find his way around THIS mega-party.

Watch Corey Feldman’s  “Ascension Millennium”  after the jump. 

Aside from the “Goonies” shout-out, Feldman also draws on a lot of imagery from his old pal Michael Jackson, with his leather jacket, gloves, and hat combo, not to mention a decidedly MJ-inspired dance routine.

We knew he could act and dance, but who knew that CoFeld, as we just decided to start calling him, could sing? (Or, you know, at least lay down a track into a computer and let the effects do most of the heavy lifting.) The video for the industrial-light dance track, which MTV premiered today, is a jokey, fun-filled romp where Feldman’s making the rounds at his own house party and eventually winds up on stage and then in bed with a hot white-bra-clad chick.

At the end of the day, we’ve definitely heard worse songs from former teen actors a few decades into their careers. We’ve actually already played it a few times on loop, and we’ve even got an impromptu Monday afternoon dance party already in the works.

+ Watch Corey Feldman’s “Ascension Millennium” video.

Photo credit: Corey Feldman

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