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New Video: Citizen, ‘The Summer’

New Video: Citizen, ‘The Summer’

Citizen rock a house party in their new video, "The Summer."

Citizen get grunged out in their new video, for “The Summer.”

Just when we thought they’d run out of musical genres to smash together, an inventive band comes along and surprises us. We should probably learn to expect that going forward. So it goes with Citizen, whose new video, for “The Summer,” is definitely, without a doubt, the year’s best grunge-core track. (Granted, there are only a few existing grunge-core songs, but we love it anyway.)

Watch Citizen’s “The Summer” after the jump.

The song, which we premiered last month, gets the video treatment here with an in-house (literally) performance clip intercut with collage-style graphic images and cutout paper lyrics, which is cool in part because we couldn’t tell what Mat Kerekes was singing for a big chunks of the song. Here’s the killer part, for the record: “You said you’d stay, and you promised/ I finally see you out,” Kerekes sings. “Why’d you wait for the summer to chew and spit me out?/ I sit awake and wait impatiently/ The same mistakes are waiting to be made.”

For the most part, the video serves as a good showcase for Kerekes’ intense delivery, which we probably could have imagined from listening to the vocals alone.

“The Summer” comes from the Michigan band’s just-released Youth, available now on Run For Cover Records.

+ Watch Citizen’s “The Summer” video.

Photo credit: Mitchell Wojcik

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