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New Video: Charli XCX, ‘Take My Hand’

New Video: Charli XCX, ‘Take My Hand’

Watch Charli XCX's 'Take My Hand' video.

Charli XCX attends the coolest party ever in her “Take My Hand” video.

British synth-pop princess Charli XCX has been quietly slaying the game for some time now, dropping epic covers of the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” and booming originals like “What I Like.” Now, Charli continues to blaze the electro-pop trail of destruction with her brand-new “Take My Hand” video.

Watch Charli XCX’s “Take My Hand” video after the jump.

In the clip, Charli meanders through a smokey party, whipping her hair back and forth and sexily gazing at everyone in sight. By the night’s end, Charli’s meandering turns into full-on partying, and she;s the bell of the ball, dancing, prancing, and twirling all around the fete. It’s basically a hazy wonderland where, although it’s 1000 degrees and horribly ventilated, everyone still looks matte, hot, and like they were just torn out of the latest issue of NYLON. Or, in sum, “Take My Hand” is meant to make every party you’ve been to up until now seem WAY inferior.

+ Watch Charli XCX’s “Take My Hand” video.

Photo credit: Iamsound

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