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New Video: Automotive High School, ‘Bad Knees’

New Video: Automotive High School, ‘Bad Knees’

Automotive High School get meta in their clip for 'Bad Knees.'

No, you’re not crazy. Automotive High School’s “Bad Knees” video is supposed to trip you up.

Let this be a lesson to you, gang: Too much irony is bad for your health. And too much hacky sack is even worse. Brooklyn’s Automotive High School show off some pretty impressive levels of both in their funny new “Bad Knees” video, which is a winking commentary on both the idea of watching videos on YouTube and the artificial nature of videos themselves.

Watch Automotive High School’s “Bad Knees” video after the jump.

Pay careful attention when you start playing the video, because you might notice a few recognizable and utterly annoying familiar tropes. Why won’t that “Skip Ad |>” button work? Someone really screwed up on uploading this thing!

The song itself is a bit looser than some of the band’s other fuzzy guitar-pop tracks, like “Bill Bill (since we broke)” and “Zeek and Axl Rose,” which somehow conjure a split between the lyrical punk of Arctic Monkeys and the swinging, sunny vibes of Vampire Weekend.

“Bad Knees” is a swaying start and stop blast of quietly harmonized verses and shouted choruses, and quick turns of tempo, but you almost wouldn’t notice if you were just paying attention to the visuals. Nothing can stop these dudes from keeping up their game of hacky sack, except for, well, bleeding from the ears and eyes, and even then it’s not necessarily the end of the fun. These dude take their hacky seriously.

+ Watch Automotive High School’s “Bad Knees” video.

Photo credit: Automotive High School

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