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Video Premiere: Alicia Keys, ‘Tears Always Win’

Video Premiere: Alicia Keys, ‘Tears Always Win’

Alicia Keys pulls Double Duty In Her "Tears Always Win" video.

Alicia Keys has a split personality in her “Tears Always Win” video.

Alicia Keys has been bringing the DRA-MA these days! And nope, I don’t mean the Amanda Bynes variety, but rather the kind that features Alicia playing to frenzied, sold-out crowds in her “New Day” video, basically hooking up with Maxwell in her “Fire We Make” video (sorry, Swizz!), and now, rocking a glitzy, Vegas-style headdress in her “Tears Always Win” video. Seriously, at this rate, we wouldn’t be surprised if Alicia played FLOTUS next month.

Watch Alicia Keys’ “Tears Always Win” video after the jump.

The latest from her Girl On Fire disc, the Robert Hales-directed video features A-Keys on her grind working two jobs. At first, Alicia’s looking kind of sad and lonely in a small Las Vegas apartment. But she doesn’t stick around her place for long — Alicia throws on a leather jacket (which, by the way, fits her perfectly — UGH, to have everything customized!) and walks down the Vegas strip toward the action and lights.

So, where’s Alicia heading? Oh, just a hot Vegas nightclub where, as it turns out, she’s a DANCER à la famed ’20s performer Josephine Baker: headdress, feathers, fishnets, and all! But the “VH1 Storytellers” singer seems a little distracted. Could it be because she’s thinking about a man who douched her over? Sorry, but you know what? If you have the chutzpah to wear a leotard in public and/or successfully balance a headdress with huge rhinestones, you basically deserved to be worshiped. By the best man ever. For the rest of you life. Keep looking, bb!

Tune in next week to watch Alicia’s “VH1 Storytellers” live videos on, starting Monday, June 17!

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