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New Song: Zendaya, ‘Replay’

New Song: Zendaya, ‘Replay’

Zendaya presses "Replay" in her new track.

Disney starlet Zendaya’s out with her debut single: “Replay.”

You might recognize 16-year-old Zendaya from a couple places: “Dancing With The Stars” or the Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up,” for example. Or, maybe you’re just too blinded by Zendaya’s stunning FACE (#THECHEEKBONES!!) to even remember where you first saw her? (We understand!) Either way, we’ve seen enough to know by now that Zendaya is a clear triple threat, and now girlfriend’s back on the scene with her debut single, “Replay.”

Listen to Zendaya’s “Replay” after the jump.

Slated to appear on her debut album, dropping sometime this fall, “Replay” is grimy, club-ready track that’s actually a surprising detour from the sugary sweet polished pop we’ve come to know (and also secretly love, no shade) from most Disney starlets. As the hazy track plays, Zendaya’s mature-for-her-age vocals chant, “(I want to) put you on repeat/ Play you everywhere I go…/ Yea-ay, when I put this song on replay/ I can listen to it all day.” Cool, so wanna know what’s funny? US TOO!

Listen to Zendaya’s “Replay.”

Photo credit: Disney Music Group

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