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New Song: Featuring Justin Bieber, ‘#thatpower’

New Song: Featuring Justin Bieber, ‘#thatpower’

Listen to's #thatpower with Justin Bieber. and Justin Bieber know they’ve got “#thatpower.”

As it would appear, has a penchant for collaborating with THE BIGGEST STARS IN ALL THE LAND. First, will hooked up with Britney Spears (in the musical sense! Minds out of the gutter, y’all) for their epic “Scream & Shout,” not to mention that time he jammed out with DiddyHit-BoyWaka Flocka, Britney again, and Lil Wayne on the “Scream & Shout (Urban Remix).” Now, will’s partnering with the one and only Justin Bieber on the hashtaggy “#thatpower,” a cluuurb-ready anthem slated to appear on will’s forthcoming solo album, #willpower, out next month.

Listen to’s “#thatpower” featuring Justin Bieber after the jump.

Set to a classic club-thumper beat, “#thatpower” kicks off with Justin singing about being alive, young, loaded, and free: “Oooh/ I’m alive/ I’m alive/ And ohhh/ I can fly/ I can fly/ I can fly… And I’m loving every second/ minute/  hour/ bigger/ better/ strong / power.” (Kanye West “Power” reference much, guys?) On his and Justin’s collaboration, claims it was all in a day’s work: “So actually we went shopping first and we were like ‘hey, let’s just have a chilled day’ and we went shopping for shoes, then after that we went to the studio, watched the BRITs [last month], recorded that and then trucked off to see Justin Timberlake perform. So that was a pretty full day.” Uh, talk about THE BEST DAY EVER!! Our “full” days consist of work, pilates, and figuring out what color to paint the walls. “Egg shell” or “semi-gloss” finish?! Aaaaand we’ve gone off topic (it’s probably all the paint fumes). Love the new jam, bros!

Listen to’s “#thatpower” featuring Justin Bieber.

Photo credit: Interscope

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