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New Song: Sunni Colon, ‘Karma’

New Song: Sunni Colon, ‘Karma’

Listen to Sunni Colon's "Karma."

Sunni Colón plays with multiple genres in his brand-new single, “Karma.”

Karma works in mysterious ways. Depending on what you believe, what you put out into the world is what you’ll get in return. In the case of Sunni Colón, the Los Angeles singer, rapper, and songwriter, it seems like he’s going to be the recipient of some good music vibes coming his way in the next life. At least that’s what we’re gathering from Sunni’s new track, “Karma,” off the forthcoming The Els Flowers, which he wrote and produced himself.

Listen to Sunni Colón’s “Karma” after the jump.

The track, a breezy, R&B, jazz, and hip-hop hybrid is founded on a strong sense of musicality. Layers of delayed guitars, chiming synths, piano, and drums phase into and out of the six minutes of meditative headspace tripping. There’s little bombast to speak of here (you’ll have to go to Sunni’s Tumblr for that); instead, “Karma” is a soundtrack for a thoughtful stroll through the streets at night, or through the streets of the mind, with sudden switches and abrupt changes of pace, complete with eery sound effects and a hovering theremin whirl — now there’s an instrument you don’t hear much anymore.

It’s a natural extension of the type of reserved, romantic — but not romanticized — music on display on last year’s Dearly Beloved mixtape. In between pontificating on what karma actually means, Sunni gets to the heart of the matter. “Some call it karma, some call it the ride away, karma. Some call it the powers that be. I just want you to love me,” he sings. Sometimes loving someone back is all the good karma you need. It usually comes back around.

+ Listen to Sunni Colón’s “Karma.”

Photo credit: Sunni Colón

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