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New Song: Robin Thicke, ‘The Good Life’

New Song: Robin Thicke, ‘The Good Life’

Listen to Robin Thicke's "Go Stupid 4 U"

Robin Thicke continues to slay on “The Good Life.”

By now you probably know our thoughts on Robin Thicke and his NON-STOP path toward music game destruction. (Also: Our imaginary boyfriend just nabbed a whopping THREE 2013 MTV Video Music Awards nominations! Mazels!!) Bro burst on to the scene with the summer jam of all SUMMER JAMS, “Blurred Lines,” sent us straight to the cluuurb with the Timbaland-produced “Take It Easy On Me,” melted our hearts (and ears?) with “Go Stupid 4 U,” and now Robin’s driving us even crazier (as if that were possible?!) with his soft and gentle “The Good Life.”

Listen to Robin Thicke’s “The Good Life” after the jump.

Over a slow, piano-driven melody, Robin sings about the simple things and what matters most during life’s most tumultuous moments: “Life takes you up and down/ Life spins you all around/ The good life, I know I made it with you.” Yeah, those lyrics look good on a page, but just think about how good they’d sound being SUNG to you! Seriously, if Paula Patton (Robin’s wife) isn’t the luckiest woman in all the land, we don’t know who is! And yep, we still think that his amazing “ass” lyric in “Go Stupid 4 U” is super romantic, and you know we’re right.

Look out for Robin’s forthcoming Blurred Lines disc, dropping July 30.

Listen to Robin Thicke’s “The Good Life.”

Photo credit: Interscope Records

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