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New Song: Robin Thicke, ‘Go Stupid 4 U’

New Song: Robin Thicke, ‘Go Stupid 4 U’

Listen to Robin Thicke's "Go Stupid 4 U"

Robin Thicke continues his winning stream with “Go Stupid 4 U.”

Is it just us, or is Robin Thicke on an unprecedented winning streak right now? First, the guy straight outta nowhere hits us with the epic “Blurred Lines,” then he sneaks up on us with the cluuurb-ready, Timbaland-produced “Take It Easy On Me,” and now he’s out with “Go Stupid 4 U,” a new track that’s basically what a slow jam would sound like if was written by a cool hipster living in Brooklyn. Or, in sum, Robin Thicke is ROCKING our world right now, and July 30 (when Robin’s Blurred Lines disc drops) is gonna be a very special day indeed.

Listen to Robin Thicke’s “Go Stupid 4 U” after the jump.

Let by haunting guitars, Robin’s liquid falsetto takes center stage as he seductively coos, “I won’t stop, girl/ Every time you’re walking down the block, girl…/ Girl, I go stupid for you.” We should also mention that Robin is very keen on his girl’s, er, behind, as he sings what we’re now convinced might be one of the best Robin Thicke lines EVER: “Girl I wrote this song for you/ Designed a part that reminds me of your ass.” Subtle? Maybe not, but if let’s just say that if Robin so much as wrote a song about our ELBOW, we’d prolly pass out. So, free dirty lyric pass for life!

+ Listen to Robin Thicke’s “Go Stupid 4 U.”

Photo credit: Interscope Records

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